The land of lost opportunity?

The hidden cost of the Google Ad Grant – and how AdMonitor gets it back.

The Google Ad Grant is a helping hand to charities all over the world. It enables all kinds of nonprofits to access up to $10,000 USD in Google Ad funding – every month.

The global upheavals of 2020 have eliminated many of the fundraising avenues that charities have relied on for decades. At the same time, huge swathes of the everyday economy have moved online – permanently.

Widely known but little understood, the Google Ad Grant is a vital tool for levelling up on digital fundraising.

But it’s not  easy. And it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 

Because of the highly technical rules and restrictions on the kind of searches that Ad Grant spend can be used for, making the most of the Ad Grant is hard.

It takes time. It takes expertise. It takes resources that all but the largest charities simply don’t have.

But there are more human, psychological blockers against its uptake too. People don’t believe something is precious if it isn’t also scarce.

Because that $10,000 in effectively free money is always there for the asking, month in month out, getting to grips with it is never a priority for time pressured marketing teams or volunteers.

There’s always something else to do.

And that $10,000 will always be there again next month, right?

So one way or another, it is easy for charities to never give their Ad Grant the attention it deserves.

But what if we thought about it another way?

What if instead of looking at the Ad Grant as $10,000 in free funding that’s always on tap, whether we care to or not – what if we looked instead at the risk of NOT taking that step to connect with people at the moment of search?

What about lost opportunity costs?

How much in further donations, in extra volunteer time, in mission awareness, are we missing by not making sure our charity is at the top of the search results, where it belongs?

The reasons people choose to contribute cash or time to one charity over another are complex and highly personal. They are always unique.

Sometimes they choose on a whim, when prompted by an advert, or by an event in their lives.

Sometimes the journey towards their final decision is long, complex and carefully measured.

Sometimes they mean to do it, start to do it, but get distracted and do something else instead.

At every point of their journey of discovery and decision – they are using Search.

Google Search is the foundation stone of digital marketing – a vital tool for reaching people at the critical point of choice. It is where you have to be to ensure you are front of mind just when potential donors or volunteers are taking the big step to a significant contribution – or lasting commitment.

If you aren’t ranking high in the search results, you are missing people at the moment they need to hear from you most.

Making Google Ad Grant easy with AdMonitor

But don’t worry.

There’s an app for that.

Anything is Possible – Integrated Digital Media Agency of the Year 2020 – built AdMonitor to help charities and nonprofits everywhere level up in the race for critical search positions, and make the Ad Grant work for every available penny.

We’ve already won awards for the technology through our work with Kew Gardens.

We believe Anything is Possible. And we know opportunity doesn’t come along very often.

So we definitely aren’t prepared to let ten thousand opportunities be lost – in any month.

We’re keen to partner with charities who are struggling to make the most of the Ad Grant. If that sounds like you, we want to step up and help you make a difference.