How it works

What is Google Ad Grant funding?

The Google Ad Grant is a donation programme which offers free Google Ads credits to qualifying charities and non-profit organisations.

This substantial funding stream can make all the difference between ranking high on Google for your charity’s mission – or being crowded out on key search terms by big-budget competitors.

Free funding for charities and non-profits – if you know how

Monitoring and optimising Google Ad Grant spend requires specialist skills and constant updating. Failure to maintain your Ad Grant profile can result in serious penalties. It damages your search ratings and stops people who need you from finding your website.

AdMonitor takes the pain out of managing your Google Ad Grant funding. It frees up your time to focus on your core mission with full confidence that your Google Ad Grant is working hard for you – 24/7.

Unlock your funds in real-time

AdMonitor integrates with your Google account and notifies you live in the workflow when search patterns shift and new opportunities arise. It can even make automatic changes to your account settings to avoid penalties and make the right moves on your behalf.

It balances bids and keywords against dynamic pricing surges and targets the best possible outcome for your search rankings, bringing your organisation to the people who need you most.

Why AdMonitor

Developed by Anything is Possible’s award-winning search and display advertising experts, AdMonitor brings cutting-edge machine learning technology to level up the charity and non-profit sector in the fierce contest for Google Search Ad success.

Stay live

Reduces risk of suspension by monitoring Google Ad Grant account for non-compliance.


Provides detailed reports on quality score and account CTR to highlight which keywords should be paused.

in touch

Sends alerts and warnings via email, SMS, Teams and Slack – including for causes of account suspension Google does not publicise.


Provides optimisation recommendations to improve account performance and reach the right people.

Frequently asked questions

Google offers a grant of $10,000 USD per month in Google Ads credits to charitable and non-profit organisations.

This is effectively free money for charities and non-profits which allows organisations who meet the criteria to compete on valuable keyword bids. It levels you up against well-funded competitors and helps your message reach the people who really need you.

It looks and works just like your normal Google Ads account, but with some important extra differences and things to think about.

Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money. But because the rules around spending on your targeted keywords are very complicated, it’s difficult to spend the full amount every month and make the most of your grant.

That’s where AdMonitor comes in.

If you are a registered charity or non-profit organisation there’s a good chance you will qualify for the $10,000 USD monthly grant.
You will also probably qualify if you are the philanthropic wing of a larger for-profit organisation.

You have to register and be approved for membership of the program. One of the most important criteria is that you have a reliable, high-quality website that you can point your free Google Ads towards.

Once registered and accepted, there are certain standards you must meet every month to stay qualified.

If you don’t keep a close eye on your account, it’s easy to drift off course and lose approval.

Regular Google Ads are paid-for advertisements which appear next to the search results when someone Googles a keyword or phrase that is relevant to your area. It’s probably the most powerful and effective way of being found by people browsing online for information – if you know how to do it right.

There are some minor differences with Google Ad Grants that you need to know about. All Google Ad Grant advertisements are text only: no visuals or video. This means they need to be carefully written and tailored for the people you want to see them.

They always appear just below the Google Ads of regular paying advertisers who aren’t using the Google Ad Grant, and they need to be keyword- targeted.

AdMonitor does not need access to your regular paid Google Ads account to help you.

But to maximise usage and return from your Google Ad Grant account, it is best practice to align it with your regular paid Google Ads account to make key bids on certain terms and keywords at the optimum moment.

For the highest levels of AdMonitor service we would in most cases recommend sharing access to both accounts, but that will vary according to your circumstances and ambitions.

AdMonitor has a range of available service plans, flexibly priced to suit your unique account requirements. You can get started today for a small monthly subscription.

Contact us today for a free demo and discuss the plan that’s best for your needs.

Google Ad Grants are worth up to $10,000 USD in credits per month. It’s a serious amount that can make an enormous difference to charity and non-profit organisations. But it’s hard to pick your keyword targets, keep them-up-to date and bid smart to make the most of the full amount.

Average Google Ad Grant accounts currently use around $4,000 of the grant per month. That missing 60% means most charities and non-profits are missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in free funding every year.

AdMonitor does the hard work automatically so you are always spending as much of your remaining $6,000 as possible.

Yes. Multiple overlapping factors can lead to account suspension, and AdMonitor scans all of them to make sure your account remains in compliance at all times to prevent Google Ad Grant account suspension.

It can alert you to changes you need to make to stay live and stay in compliance – or it can even make them for you.

AdMonitor is designed to be an effective recommendation engine which alerts you to potential breaches in your account and suggests simple, effective, proven procedures to improve your account performance.

You can avoid breaches, penalties and suspension to avoid campaign downtime and ensure the people who need you can find you. AdMonitor will also send you recommendations to make adjustments to your campaign parameters, and maximise efficiency and effectiveness on your keyword bids.

Yes. AdMonitor is a Google Ad Grant account optimisation tool. Our highest service levels include bespoke training resources and expert consultancy to examine your account and maximise your best possible Google Ads spend.

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AdMonitor is a brand new way for charities to unlock the full potential of their Google Ad Grant. We need Beta test partners to join our journey and make AdMonitor work as hard as possible for the causes who need it most.

The beta is open to every charity and non-profit organisation in the world. No investment, no risk – just outstanding Ad Grant performance. Get involved and get in touch today.